Takemoto Orinodayū / 竹本織の大夫

Active Date: 1974/04-1976/01
Specialty: Tayu
Notes: Bunraku Kokuritsu Gekijo geino kansho koza series; Dejitaru bunka raiburarī Japan Arts Council

Full Record

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Visual Materials

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July 1974 The Cherry Trees Along the Hidaka River
  October 1974 The Nunobiki Waterfall
  November 1974 The Color Prints of Kagamiyama
  February 1975 The Battle of Ichinotani
  April 1975 The Enticed High Priest
  May 1975 The Yaguchi Ferry
  July 1975 The Dumpling Peddlers
  September 1975 The Vow of Rokusuke
  October 1975 The Maple Viewing Party
  January 1976 The Color Prints of Kagamiyama
  April 1976 The Story of Priest Roben
  January 1975 The Dragon and the Tiger

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