Yoshida Kan'ichi / 吉田勘市

Active Date: 1986/11-
Specialty: Puppeteer
Notes: Bunraku meikan 1980, 1985, 1988, 1990, 1994
Also known as: Kiritake Kan'ichi

Full Record

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Visual Materials

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Puppeteer / Character / Kashira

February 1987 The Love Suicides at Amijima
November 1987 The Battle of Sakamoto Castle
February 1988 The Twins and the Sumida River
August 1988 The Dancing Mushrooms
January 1989 The Amorous Courier
February 1989 The Drum of the Waves of Horikawa
September 1989 The Love-Inspired Murder
November 1989 The Two Butterflies
January 1990 The Love-Inspired Murder
May 1990 The Old Tale of Kusunoki
July 1990 The Nunobiki Waterfall
September 1990 The Adachi Plain in Oshu
December 1990 The Trouble in the Date Household
April 1991 The Old Tale of Kusunoki
May 1991 The New Usuyuki Story
December 1991 Bunraku Kanshō Kyōshitsu The Amorous Courier
May 1992 The Story of Priest Roben
February 1993 The Double Suicide at Ikudama
April 1993 The Tycoon's Exploit
May 1993 The Tycoon's Exploit
August 1993 The Love Suicide of Hambei and Ochiyo
September 1993 The Bloodshed at Ise
November 1993 Sugawara's Secrets of Calligraphy
April 1994 The Teachings for Women
August 1994 The Love Suicides at Sonezaki
January 1995 The Love-Inspired Murder
February 1995 The Love Suicides at Sonezaki
May 1995 The Story of the Morning Glory
August 1995 Gonza the Lancer
September 1995 The Murder in Revenge
January 1996 Tragedy on a Snowy Night
July 1996 The Courier for Hell
September 1996 Sugawara's Secrets of Calligraphy
February 1997 The Woman-Killer and the Hell of Oil
September 1997 The Infant Pilgrim
April 1998 The New Usuyuki Story
May 1998 The Vendetta in Iga
September 1998 The Story of the Morning Glory
November 1998 The League of the 47 Ronin
December 1998 The League of the 47 Ronin
July 2000 The Murder in Revenge
November 2000 The Love Suicides at Amijima
December 2000 The Vow of Rokusuke
April 2001 The White Fox of Shinoda
July/August 2001 Mt. Oeyama
January 2002 Kagekiyo and His Daughter
July/August 2002 Bunraku no ohanashi (Introduction to Bunraku)
  The Hunter and the Female Fox
April 2002 Sugawara's Secrets of Calligraphy
May 2003 Announcement of the assumption of his new name, Kanjūrō Kiritake III, by Minotarō Yoshida

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