Play title:
Omon Toda / Omon Tōda / おもん藤太

Play Title: Omon Toda / Omon Tōda / おもん藤太
Author(s): Kinoshita Junji
First Staged: [n.d.]
Bibliography: English title not available in any publications. Staged at May 1978 Shinobukai performance. Listed in Bunka dejitaru raiburarii; No English title available

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Date Place
1978 June National Theatre of Japan


Omon Toda Omon Tōda おもん藤太


Toda Tōda 藤太
Omon Omon おもん
Old woman at Inn Hatago no baba 旅籠の婆
Courier Hikyaku 飛脚
Child Kodomo 子供