Play title:
The Red Battle Surcoat / Akai jinbaori / 赤い陣羽織

Play Title: The Red Battle Surcoat / Akai jinbaori / 赤い陣羽織
Author(s): Kinoshita Junji
First Staged: 1947
Bibliography: Bunraku August 1989 Performance Program

Visual Materials

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Productions provide more information about scenes, characters, and performers for this play.

Date Place
1989 August National Bunraku Theatre
1993 August National Bunraku Theatre


Scene One (1) (一)
Scene Two (2) (二)
Scene Three (3) (三)


Farmer Oyaji おやじ
Farmer's wife Nyōbō 女房
Magotaro, a horse Magotarō, Uma 孫太郎(馬)
Local governor Odaikan お代官
Local governor's assistant Odaikan no kobun お代官のこぶん
Village headman Shōyasama 庄屋さま
Local governor's wife Okugata 奥方