Play title:
The Mask Peddler / Men uri / 面売り

Play Title: The Mask Peddler / Men uri / 面売り
Author(s): Nozawa Matsunosuke
First Staged: 1944
Bibliography: Kokuritsu Gekijō jōen shiryōshū, edited by Kokuritsu Gekijō Geinō Chōsashitsu, vol. 164, May 1979; Bunraku December 1993 Performance Program

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Date Place
1977 January Asahiza
1979 May National Theatre of Japan
1982 January Asahiza
1993 December National Theatre of Japan
1996 January National Bunraku Theatre


The Mask Peddler Menuri 面売り


Mask peddler Menuri 面売り(娘)
Professional chatterbox Oshaberi kakashi おしゃべり案山子