January 1975

Dates: 1975/01/02-1975/01/22
Place: Asahiza

Visual Material

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ID: 018_1_0332_0498
Type: slide
Play: Two Girl Attendants to a Courtesan

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Plays performed

Title (English) Title (Japanese) Title (日本語)
The Battle of Ichinotani Ichinotani futaba gunki 一谷嫩軍記
The Battle of Sakamoto Castle Ōmi Genji senjin yakata 近江源氏先陣館
The Subscription List Kanjinchō 勧進帳
The Amorous Courier on the Yamato Highway Koi no tayori Yamato ōrai 恋飛脚大和往来
The Dragon and the Tiger Ryūko 龍虎

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