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Play Title(s): The Yaguchi Ferry / Shinrei Yaguchi no watashi 神霊矢口渡,
Production(s): May 1975 National Theatre of Japan
Scene: Tombei's House / Tonbei uchi 頓兵衛内
Hyogonosuke's Mansion / Yura Hyōgo tei 由良兵庫邸
Performers: Nozawa Kinshi IV, Tsuruzawa Enza V
Subjects: Shamisen player

Archival Information

ID: 19_1930
Slide Series: 19
Slide Page Number:
Slide ID No.: 19-30
Finding Aid Information: 2.1 Photo Albums [View Finding Aid]
Container Type: Digital File
Container #:
Folder Title
Notes on item:
Creator: Barbara Curtis Adachi

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