Tsuruzawa Kanpei / 鶴澤寛平

Active Date: 1971-1975/12
Specialty: Shamisen
Notes: Bunraku Kokuritsu Gekijo geino kansho koza series; Dejitaru bunka raiburarī Japan Arts Council

Full Record

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Visual Materials

ID: 22_2223
Type: album
Play: The Battle of Ichinotani
Production: February 1975

ID: 018_1_0330_0496
Type: slide
Play: Two Girl Attendants to a Courtesan
Production: February 1975


February 1974 The Vendetta in Iga
  January 1976 Tragedy on a Snowy Night


July 1972 The Love of Ohan and Choemon
September 1972 The Three Oddities
October 1972 The League of the 47 Ronin
November 1972 The New Barrier of Ataka
January 1973 The Love Suicides at Amijima
February 1973 The Adachi Plain in Oshu
April 1973 Kiichi's Book of Strategy
May 1973 National Theatre The Cherry Trees Along the Hidaka River
July 1973 The Fiftieth Death Anniversary
September 1973 The Twins and the Sumida River
October 1973 The Battle of Coxinga
  The Twins and the Sumida River
January 1974 The Dance of Sambaso
April 1974 Asahiza Two Girl Attendants to a Courtesan
April 1974 National Theatre The Tycoon's Exploit
July 1974 The Love Suicides at Sonezaki
September 1974 The Nine-Tailed Fox
October 1974 Fishing for Wives
November 1974 The Dumpling Peddlers
January 1975 The Subscription List
February 1975 The Battle of Ichinotani
  Two Girl Attendants to a Courtesan
April 1975 The Enticed High Priest
May 1975 A Tragic Love Triangle
July 1975 The Vendetta in Iga
September 1975 The Vow of Rokusuke
October 1975 The Maple Viewing Party
December 1975 The Twenty-Four Dutiful Sons
October 1973 The Battle of Coxinga
November 1973 Kōkōsei no tame no Bunraku Kyōshitsu The Ridge Pole of the Sanjusangendo Temple

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