Kiritake Monwaka / 桐竹紋若

Active Date: 1989/04-
Specialty: Puppeteer
Notes: Bunraku meikan 1980, 1985, 1988, 1990, 1994

Full Record

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Visual Materials

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Puppeteer / Character / Kashira

January 1990 The Romance in the Gay Quarters
July 1990 The Bloodshed at Ise
September 1990 The Adachi Plain in Oshu
December 1990 Bunraku Kanshō Kyōshitsu The Love of Osome and Hisamatsu
October 1991 The Faithful Wife
February 1991 Gonza the Lancer
September 1991 Yoshitsune and a Thousand Cherry Trees
April 1992 The Vendetta in Iga
May 1992 A Tragic Love Triangle
November 1992 The Love Suicides at Amijima
February 1993 The Double Suicide at Ikudama
April 1993 The Tycoon's Exploit
May 1993 The Tycoon's Exploit
November 1993 The Loyal Samurai
February 1994 The Woman's Harakiri at Nagamachi
August 1994 Pilgrimage to the West
February 1995 The Drum of the Waves of Horikawa
August 1995 Gonza the Lancer
January 1997 The Romance in the Gay Quarters
February 1997 The Twins and the Sumida River
April 1997 Yoshitsune and a Thousand Cherry Trees
December 1997 The League of the 47 Ronin
April 1998 The New Usuyuki Story
September 1998 The Story of the Morning Glory
July 2000 The Three Generations of Kamakura Shoguns
November 2000 The Two Butterflies
December 2000 The Vow of Rokusuke
July/August 2001 The Rat's Romance
July/August 2002 The Tongue-Cut Sparrow
April 2002 Sugawara's Secrets of Calligraphy

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