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Play title:
Fishing for Wives / Tsuri onna / 釣女

Play Title: Fishing for Wives / Tsuri onna / 釣女
Author(s): Tsuruzawa Dōhachi, I
First Staged: 1936
Bibliography: Hironaga, Shūzaburō, The Bunraku Handbook (Tokyo: Maison des Arts, 1976); Bunraku January 1985 Performance Program

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Visual Materials

There are 2 images available.

ID: 276_1_5075_6367
Type: slide
Production: January 1978

ID: 276_1_5077_6369
Type: slide
Production: January 1978

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Productions provide more information about scenes, characters, and performers for this play.

Date Place
1967 October National Theatre of Japan
1968 February National Theatre of Japan
1970 July Asahiza
1974 October Asahiza
1977 June Others
1978 January Asahiza
1985 January National Theatre of Japan
1985 May National Theatre of Japan
1987 August National Bunraku Theatre
1990 August National Bunraku Theatre
1993 November National Bunraku Theatre
1998 January National Bunraku Theatre


Fishing for Wives Tsuri onna 釣女


Warlord Daimyō 大名
Tarokaja Tarōkaja 太郎冠者
Beautiful woman Bijo 美女
Ugly woman Shikome 醜女