February 1974

Dates: 1974/02/03-1974/02/17
Place: National Theatre of Japan

Visual Material

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ID: 03_0316
Type: album
Play: The Tales of Ise
Scene: Kasuga Village

ID: 03_0317
Type: album
Play: The Vendetta in Iga
Scene: The Town of Numazu

ID: 03_0318
Type: album
Play: Oshun and Dembei
Scene: The Monkey Dance

ID: 03_0319
Type: album
Play: The Romance in the Gay Quarters
Scene: The Yoshidaya Tea House

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Plays performed

Title (English) Title (Japanese) Title (日本語)
The Stone Monument of Glory Hana no ueno homare no ishibumi 花上野誉碑
Oshun and Dembei Chikagoro kawara no tatehiki 近頃河原の達引
The Romance in the Gay Quarters Kuruwa bunshō 曲輪ぶんしょう
The Vendetta in Iga Iga-goe dōchū sugoroku 伊賀越道中双六
The Red-Hot Love of the Greengrocer's Daughter Datemusume koi no higanoko 伊達娘恋緋鹿子
The Tales of Ise Hadekurabe Ise monogatari 競伊勢物語

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